Sunday, April 5, 2009

March Movie Madness Gabe 2009

Gabe loves to jump, I think he has a bit of Tigger in him!

March 2009

We had fun in March. When the weather was icky we played inside and did lots of coloring. When it was nice we played outside learning about puddlings. finding treasures, and playing with the sidewalk chalk. My Dad and Arleen stopped in for a short visit on their way back home from their road trip to Arizona and beyond. We were able to get a 4 generation picture here with Jay & Creedyn & me with them. Due to Brian's work schedule, we were not able to get the 4 generation picture with their family but did the next best thing. Creedyn went to Indy with me for a day to play with the cousins. He thought he was a big boy getting to sit at the special table with Gabe & Xavier for breakfast. They all did well. The weather was nice so we were able to play out on the front porch a lot with the sidewalk chalk. We have been trying out the wagon too, but I didn't get a good picture of that.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


The boys enjoy playing together and it is a lot of fun watching them interact. Gabe is in orange, Xavier has the tan t-shirt and Creedyn is in the diaper here.

Here Xavier is checking out Mr. Potatohead's glasses and Creedyn is checking out a lid.

Gabe books, ottomans, and farmer's market bags

Grandpa John is reading to Gabe from a Childcraft nursery rhyme book I had as a little girl. This picture is very special to me!
Gabe discovered the joys of sitting on the ottoman in front of the window this week and seemed to think he has his own throne. It was a great place to play and read.
Here he is thoroughly checking out my farmer's market bag, inside and out!


Creedyn likes sitting on the table and makes a cute centerpiece!
He thoroughly enjoys books.

He is now on the move and is crawling more and faster everyday.

He still enjoys sleeping in Daddy's arms.

Xavier September 2008

Xavier likes to check out Dad's cap and help him when he is working on the computer.
He also likes cuddling with Mom.

Here he is checking out the taste and texture of blocks.

I think he is asking me to put the camera away.

Creedyn & Xavier Labor Day Weekend

Creedyn and Xavier are getting more active everyday. Here they are working on standing and wrestling with each other with a little assist from Brittany and Grandma Lynn. We were not sure if they were getting ready to kiss or bite each other. We can only imagine the interactions to come as they continue to grow. Creedyn is on the left.